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Auto Hits Generator: Automatic Web Traffic Software

Product picture Auto Hits Generator: Automatic Web Traffic Software

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Turn any website into an instant success with this powerful new software!

Do you have a website or an online opportunity that you wish to promote ?

Then let Auto Hits Generator bring visitors to you!

Have more than one website? No problem! The Auto Hits Generator can send traffic to all of your websites at the same time! With your purchase, you’ll get your own free rotator where you can enter up to 100 websites (you can add or delete a website at anytime). The Auto Hits Generator will then divide the traffic it delivers evenly between all of the websites you’ve listed in the rotator! Simply put, you’ll have thousands of real visitors stampeding to each of your websites every day!

Here Are Just A Few Of The Countless Ways You’ll Benefit From Using The Auto Hits Generator

-- Turn Your Website into an Instant Success - Without traffic, your website is just another unknown dot in the vast world of the internet. To make your website a success, you need a steady stream of visitors coming to your site. That’s exactly what the Auto Hits Generator does, and it does it without any effort on your part! Enjoy unlimited hits forever!

-- Unlimited Traffic at the Push of a Button - Most traffic programs will make you build downlines or do heavy promoting before you begin receiving any hits from them. Not only does this take a long time, but all your advertising efforts are going towards building downlines in these programs instead of promoting your own website. NOT ANYMORE! With the Auto Hits Generator, you just push a button and it begins delivering traffic instantly! Send Hits to All Your Sites at Once - Most internet marketers have more than 1 website that they are promoting. That’s why the Auto Hits Generator can be set-up to deliver traffic to as many websites as you want! Whether you’re promoting 1 website or 100 websites, the Auto Hits Generator will send traffic to all of them at the same time!

-- Save Time and Money Daily - Thanks to the Auto Hits Generator, you will no longer have to spend your valuable time and money building traffic. With all the hours you’ll save, you can spend more time with family, friends, relaxing, or doing whatever it is that you enjoy most! You’ll also have more time to spend improving your website and learning more about internet marketing - without all the stress and frustration of trying to build traffic! Explode Your Sales and Income - With all the traffic being sent to your website(s), you’ll be making sales 24 hours per day! If you’re promoting a MLM or similar program, you can fill your downline in no time and watch your income grow forever! The Auto Hits Generator will work with any program as long as you have a website!

-- Run on Multiple Computers at the Same Time - Do you own more than one computer and want to run the Auto Hits Generator on all of them? No problem! Just download the software to each computer and start it up! You can run the Auto Hits Machine on all of your computers at one time, or use them during separate times while the other computers rest!

-- Blow Away the Competition - While your competition is spending all their time trying to scrap together a few hits, you’ll have a steady flow of customers visiting your website and buying from you! Your competition will be left in the dust, and the smart ones will decide to join forces with you, meaning your business will continue to grow stronger!

-- You Have Full Control Of Traffic - Do you want the Auto Hits Generator to send traffic to your website(s), your business partner’s website(s), or somewhere else? It’s your choice! Also, you decide where the traffic is coming from, how much traffic you want, and much more! The Auto Hits Machine can be turned “on” or “off” at any time. If your server can’t handle all the traffic that is being sent, just turn off the Auto Hits Generator and give your server a rest.

Just imagine what unlimited traffic could do for you! All the stress and headaches of internet marketing will be gone as your sales shoot through the roof! Besides enjoying instant success with your current websites, you could use the Auto Hits Machine to rapidly build down-lines in your favorite MLM programs, get countless sign-ups for your safelist/ezine, generate thousands of leads, and a whole lot more! Never before has there been such an incredible opportunity on the web!

Just push a button and let it go to work while you enjoy all the extra time and money you’ve saved!


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